My childhood dog Czar was half German Shepherd and half coyote
When he died I did not know it because I was out of town

He came to me in a dream to say goodbye
I did not cry but I cry as I write this

I had dreams of him being incarnated as a horse

When my Mom died I was in my early 40s
And that was the first time I ever really cried

My dog Shasta was half Border Collie and half Basset Hound
He recently died and I cried for 7 months

After his passing he would come to me at night
And whimper because he could not physically reach me

He incarnated into a full Border Collie and I would visit him
This time I was in the spiritual and he was in the physical

I would arouse him when he was sleeping
And see him out on a walk with his new person

They all taught me unconditional love

I have an ET mother and an ET child
They are hybrids whom I have a strong emotional connection with

Last night I had a powerful dream about them
As I was gazing into my sons eyes he was hypnotically healing me
I turned to hug my mother and in so doing I felt so much love that I woke up

When you build up compassion and caring you generate charge
Expansion into the field is available to all who want to achieve that frequency

We need evolution of consciousness to be part of the ET community

Contact can also be a product of prior agreements
To orchestrate activation through our future selves
And project our encoded DNA in and out of dimensions
Through the oscillations of vibrational frequency

As soon as you embody love
That is your healing!