In the past pyramids hummed
Because of phase conjugation pumping plasma waves out of the earths harmonics

They served as a plug access for longitudinal charge of propulsion craft
And as atmospheric diodes that stabilized and rejuvenated life
They were positioned where they are because they needed a phase lock with tetrahedral latitudes

Pyramids were coupled capacitors that sparked
Plasma technology is inscribed in the tunnels underneath the Great Pyramid of Giza

Vimanas are the propulsion craft described in Indic literature
The Nazi Bell was an attempt to recreate these space ships

The Nazi Bell had double counter rotating cylinders with red mercury in between
That was immersed with soluble iron powder to permit magnetic flux

Thereby creating a very high velocity vortex
That implodes with powerful longitudinal propulsion

Space is fractal and quantum coherent in a recursive golden mean ratio
Constructive heterodyning phase velocities release charge into superluminal linear waves

The Tuoai Stone or Fire Crystal spoken of by Edgar Cayce
Is the same as lithium niobate or the dilithium crystal of Star Trek

When because of continued warp speed
Scotty says the engines are about to blow
He meant the piezoelectric implosion of charge compression by the dilithium crystals was upcoming

Like a surfer riding a narly wave
The speeding of light waves was imploding the crystal at its center
From the compression of the charge field in front and the expansion of it behind

Our brain waves also send out pulses of electrical current
From the micro magnetic hematite which our brain houses

We operate on the vector equilibrium of octave harmonics and phase conjunction optics
That translates into the longitudinal light body

We are nodes of charge distribution
Propagating electromagnetic lines of force far away
By streaming an array of plasma information

When our piezoelectric DNA explodes photons into the broad light wave spectrum
Our soul expands!