The plasmasphere of Saturn was the Cosmic Ocean
The outer rings were the Underworld or Lake of Fire
There battled the Fallen Angels or Burning Ones

As Venus the Cosmic Flame moved closer to the Heavenly Father or Saturn
The Holy Temple formed
This was the Metatron and also the Geometric Tesseract or Four Square Cosmic Cube

Saturn was the 1 in the Holy of Holies
And the 4 Seraphim and 4 Cherubim who surrounded the Throne of God which formed a 144
Were the same as the fiery wheels of Ezekial chariot which appeared out of the whirlwind

The Temple was Gold with Blue Rays
The plasma current of Venus was the Crystal River
That flowed in front of the Diamond Sun

As Mars settled in front of Venus
It became the Lamb of God or the Apple of the Eye
This formed the Phoenix and the Baphomet

The Cherubim became 6 winged serpents
The Seraphim became 6 angels with 6 wings
And 6 Phoenixes also formed

This is the origin of 666
The Divine Wholeness

As magnetic fields were set up
The Age of Gods and Wonders disappeared

The Planetary Powers drifted off to remote areas
And their life giving energy was removed

Instead of connecting to the Divine
We are being connected to artificial fields of the Blockchain
Where all your personal data will be stored
And everything we do will be monitored

Where clones which have no thoughts of their own will rule over us

It was Lucifer which was Mars in turbulent plasma
Who is quoted as saying
It is better to rule in hell than serve in heaven
As it fell to middle heaven which was formerly called Earth

The exchange of plasma between Saturn and Mars was seen as a battle
The War of the Gods was the result of the newly induced alien magnetic fields

This happened very recently in what is called the 1840’s
And continued until 1879

This was also the time period when California ceased being an island
And when the mammoths were asphyxiated

It is time to get out of the trance of deception!