From the highest dimensional perspective
We are simply learning through the experience of contrast

It is your free will choice to participate in this temporary existence
Pre life agreements prevent us from passing prematurely

You are the program of your code
You create whatever you wish to display

Your blueprint is imprinted in the quantum field
It is your perfect divine self

You have to claim it and identify with it
As you integrate with your higher self
It heals you and fills you

Your shadow self is your pain and fear that you need to process
To be able to see who you truly are

You have to treat yourself as a sacred sovereign being
If you play the victim you connect to it

Climb the ladder of frequency
Command old unwanted programs of behavior to discharge

Rewire your brain and activate neural pathways
Connect to a strong image of yourself

Amplify positive energy through the heart
Generate charge photons with your mind and send them to others

Do not consent to manipulation and obediently follow whatever you are told
But keep your thoughts on instantaneous manifestation

TV is for social engineering
It is a tool to gain subconscious agreement for acts of imbalanced exchange
And to promote individualistic concepts of separation in a distorted reality

We are instruments of vibration storing data
Sending energy to the quantum structure

Writing ourselves upon the morphogenetic field
And building our reality!