Inverted systems feed upon human creative consciousness
By purposely tricking our personal consent
And directing our intent into anti human systems

Where we are putting our attention
Is where we are transmitting our conscious energy

This is how our consciousness is manipulated into serving the alien agenda

The peak cycle is a pinnacle wave of energy
From the hydro plasma liquid light unity fields

It connects us to the divine intention
And it is now upon us

What we dwell on and imagine helps put it into reality

If your imagination is without boundaries
Then you become the powerful divine self that is manifesting

When we stand as sovereign beings
We awaken the memory complex that is in us

Matter is slow vibrating energy
And our consciousness produces energy
We influence so much more than we are led to believe

We are co creators of this reality
Think of yourself as a magician

What you focus on in this reality will interact with you
You can go as far as your imagination allows you

Negativity will pull you down
Raise your vibration to where negativity bounces off

A low vibration will cut you off from your higher self
Which is your real self

It is like not being able to wake up from a dream
And experiencing who you really are

When that happens your soul deteriorates

If you are from a lower realm
You have manifested here because you realize
It is beneficial to raise your vibration

Souls from higher realms such as Arcturians
Are here to reestablish the original divine template of the world

When mermaids in Lemuria
And priests in Atlantis
Interacted with vibrant blue stars

And traversed the universe
With the transportation of thought

Becoming golden souls
In a world of everlasting beauty!