You are consciousness expressing the translation of your brain
You are not in the world you perceive but your world is in you

Your reality is a perception in your mind
Your world is a mirror reflecting what you are

Rather than inserting new programs that bring about new manifestations
We let our brain run on default programming that does not serve us

You find your power when you employ your brain as your servant and not your master
It has the capability of bringing you every experience you have ever dreamed of

By creating new pathways and new electrical signals
A new brain will translate for you a new reality

When you expand your mind the circuitry in your brain will respond
Through neuroplasticity connections in your neural network will reorganize

When you visualize and dream yourself into a new reality
You become physically radiant and spiritually connected

Improving your beliefs is key to fully realizing your dreams and goals
In order to change your outer world you must change your inner world
What you imagine within you is rewarded with its physical experience

Everything on the outside is simply electrical signals that have been interpreted by the brain
The electrical signals are copies of how you perceive the external
Thus you have the power to positively create your life in ways you wish

Tell yourself the best feeling story you can think of
Convince yourself of its truth and your brain will believe it is the reality you choose

The currents of your beliefs goals dreams and expectations will be projected outward
And the plasma field which seeks to organize will respond holographically

When you use your imagination for good your creative powers will flow endlessly
We are both the creators and the players

Hold fast your ideal
The only way it is removed is by your failure to imagine it realized

The world will not change until you change your conception of it
If you accept a certain outcome then you automatically will the means to realize it

Emotions are waves that carry you to the ocean of your being
They are not obstacles

They are portals on your spiritual path
Each fully felt emotion is a gateway to the transcendental and to the divine

Awake within you the feeling that you are
What you have heretofore desired to be

You will dream your ideal accordingly
In your sleep and in the dream of your waking state!