We are a fractal projection of our origin
A hologram of self organized information
We have the infinite universe encoded within our cells

When our energy flows in coherence we are in sync
And synchronicity will occur spontaneously

Cyclical patterns of trauma are encoded within our psychological layers
They create impulse responses in our subconscious resonance

We cannot hate them out reject them or ignore them
We have to transform them through acceptance and gratitude
We have to welcome them and then feed them positive energy

Thank you Universe for prosperity and abundance
For perfect health and divine love that invigorates every cell in my body
Thank you for guidance and the wisdom I have learned through my trauma

Then tell yourself
The energy flow through my central meridian is now orderly and amplified
My life force has navigated to a higher octave
And I will express myself confidently

Positive intent and attitude will create sacred geometrical patterns within
And you will vibrate their sequence

The new frequency narrative will change your molecular structure
And be projected in your consciousness field

The revitalized feelings of vibration will create their own unique realities
And you will experience another version of yourself

Your chakras will be in tune
And you will radiate the highest order of the Merkabah
Where all your vortices operate in symmetry

You will be rejuvenated and empowered
And enjoy more fully your interactions with others

Which will open the codes for stargates and portals!