You are consciousness and eternal awareness
You are a fragment of the universe observing itself

What we experience is a construct to make sense of the vastness around us
It is a grand narrative which we are creating and experiencing at the same time

The universe is a reflective power that mirrors our very essence
It is a looking glass that presents not what we want but what we truly are

The universe with all its grandeur is keenly attuned to our intent
It echoes back with opportunities affirmations and synchronicities

The universe is guided by the melody we set forth
Sing a song of thankfulness

Manifestation is about internal alignment
It is where we accept an elevated version of ourselves
Abundance and security are mindsets

True spirituality begins when your comfort zone ends
Struggles are wounds where the light enters you

Life is sometimes chaotic
But in that chaos lies indescribable beauty

You are a divine creator anchored in the present moment
Each moment holds the potential for a new birth a new you and a new reality

You hold the capacity to resonate with the rhythm of the universe
The now is the gateway to all dimensions of life

Send ineffable joy of being one with the universe
Experience the wonder of being fully human fully divine and fully alive

By surrendering to life you become the master
You take control by not fighting against the current

Savor the journey
Value the process
And allow lifes river to take you where you need to go!