The last phase of the reptilian domination
Is soul scalping

The end game is replacing all humans
At top levels and even secondary levels
With reptilian consciousness

When this is done to someone
They will exhibit a Black Eye

They will become a member of what is known as
The Black Eye Club

This is accomplished by visits from Men in Black
Who will grab them
And force a little worn down their throat

The worm is of a small serpent alien entity
That is contained in a quill

The serpent then possesses the human
And takes it over

This is called Sweating the Quill

The person then acts the same and looks the same
But they are now what is called a Drone

Or a Mimic
Because the reptilian entity mimics the behavior of that person

Since Freemasons are so influential
There are Drones throughout their membership

And during meetings a worm has sometimes been seen
To crawl out of a members nose

Freaking out the lower ranking Freemasons

When you see our new President on TV
It is either a clone
Or a double
Or a hologram
Or prerecorded footage

Once in awhile there is a mandatory appearance
But even then he is just a mask wearing reptilian

If you play Follow the Leader
You will cease being human

We are the Source
We are creators

We could live in a playground

A vacation where we experience
A wide range of emotions

Where we are elevated

But reality is deceived

Oil which is the life blood of our earth
Is told to us to be dinosaur remains

Human giant remains found in pyramids and burial mounds
Are thrown in the ocean

While dinosaur skeletons are fabricated out of plastic

Yet we willingly stay in this
Totally absurd narrative!