The Aztec god Huitzilopochtli was always blue
But his face was black

When he made his way to the plaza which was the north celestial pole he removed his mask
The mask is the black center

In the former age Saturn drifted toward the magnetic north plasma column when it increased its charge
The energetic plasma heated Saturn to the point where it became all blue

Saturn created Turtle Island which was the middle heaven called by the ancients earth
It was a torus field of plasma spread out below Saturn

During this high voltage glow mode
The extension terminals of the anode and cathode on each side of the central beam created outstretched arms

The whole phantasmagoria resembled a Burning Man
Interestingly the enormous effigy of the Burning Man at Black Rock Nevada had a dark center

Participants at Burning Man circle a Black Rock
Just like Muslims do with the Kaaba Stone at Mecca

These practices give energy to the convoluted patterns of distortion from Saturn
That are being deformed and contorted by high frequency technology

The headlines read Burning Man Exodus Begins
When the cyclical end of the era comes an exodus will follow

But this also has a double meaning
When cities and towns are hit with laser weaponry people will get burned out of their homes

You might want to paint your roof blue if you live in a desired area
Houses with blue roofs were spared in Lahaina

The Orion constellation is a winter group of stars in the northern hemisphere
But Orion is now in the northern sky and it is still summer

The only explanation is that the stars in Orion were craft hovering around a portal that has been closed
And they are seeking residence elsewhere

We are not all one
More and more a larger percentage of the population are clones aliens and hybrids
The UN troops with blue hats are all clones

When beings realize that through their choices
They are unable to take the path of return to the Light Source
They look elsewhere for their needs

Petra in Jordon is an ancient metropolis carved into the Sharah Mountains
It that was hit and melted by laser weaponry
Petra extended over 100 miles which is 4 times the area of Manhattan in New York City

The Northern Lights are being seen in Colorado and Missouri
Which means the plasma tube at the center of our world is intensifying

The circumpolar stars rotate around Polaris
Which is the only so called star at the celestial center
The stars rotate at the same speed year after year returning to the exact same positions

If there was a Big Bang it would send stars flying off at different speeds in different directions
Polaris is not a star it is just a gigantic projector making us believe in a vast universe
That we are existing on just another planet amongst billions

We are being sprayed with aluminum nano particles from above
As part of geoengineering

And we are given water laced with fluoride
As part of fluoridation

The result is aluminum fluoride in our bodies
Which seeps into our bones and teeth making them brittle

Aluminum fluoride is an acute toxin which lowers IQ
And interferes with hormonal and neurochemical signals

Baking soda and borax are the best detoxifiers
If you keep your body alkaline you will not have a problem
Eating animals turns your body acidic

Facts are ignored in favor of fallacy

It takes much more energy to ignore truth
Than to deal with them
And not be affected by them!