Every dimension is a frequency superimposed on top of an existing one
The frequency you carry determines the dimension you are in

If you have a fluctuating frequency
Then you will experience a range of positive and negative dimensions
Stay in the reality that best serves you and all that you are

When 2 people have sex within love
The heart opens up and the energy between them gives and receives

The transfer of energy can transmute emotional trauma
Which will unlock your DNA and align you with yourself

If you sleep with a negative vibrating partner
You will receive their vibrations and their demons

Discern their energy
Do not just look at the exterior

A person in need will exude vampire vibes
If you get too close they will suck your energy
And you will feel depleted

We are vibrational beings and everything in the universe is vibration
We are intricate musical instruments designed to produce harmonious notes
Be in tune with lifes orchestra

Each of our trillions of cells have their own frequency
Love is a fast and short wavelength that reconnects us with all that is

When your internal vibration is love and abundance
You become a magnet for that experience
And you create a conducive field for positive manifestation

Being grateful will raise your vibration like nothing else can
Learn to vibrate correctly and the universe becomes your canvas

Embrace the power to create your own melody
A nice harmonious tune will put you in center stage with any symphony you desire

Your emotional energy is your composition that yearns to flow
And your voice is a bridge that connects you to the intangible the immortal and the infinite

When your emotions are in harmony you create a potent magnetic field
And you assume the role of architect of your own life

You have a vast reservoir of energy and potential within you
A magnetic personality will attract the reality that you desire

You are awareness tethered to your body
And enlightened awareness taps into the very fabric of existence itself!