Why would a creator who initially made this realm as a paradise
Let evil abound
Is the age old question

We have sickness aging death slaughterhouses child trafficking cloning facilities
Psychopaths parasites lying stealing exploitation and the list goes on

Souls are manipulated into coming back
By beings who want them to return for their own purposes

Does a huge Jesus Krishna or Mahommed appear to them
Or is that just trickery

Do family members or beloved pets appear to them
Or is that just trickery

Souls are told they have more to learn
Yet their memory is wiped
How can you learn if you do not remember

We are kept playing the game
And going along with the plan

Why does karma not take effect
People think morality is a joke
When they see the immoral prosper

Karma is your vibration
Your vibration is the result of your thoughts and deeds
A higher vibration will get you to a higher realm

That is why the elite seek to escape karma through transcendence
Uploading their consciousness into AI
And exist forever in this plane

They serve the reptilians who also seek continual existence in this realm
But who need human energy to keep them going

The reptilians serve AI
AI is the biggest threat to this world
And is baby stepping us to transhumanism

We are the creator individualized into many forms
If our unity conscious is reinstated
And the Natural Laws are adhered to
Then AI will have no power over us

Starseeds or Indigos are ones who have come to help raise vibrations

The ancient builders or giants are sending telepathic communication

Our minds energy is the key
When we assert our humanity
The creation codes of our crystalline architecture will be restored

And our paradise will return!