Everything that you prefer and pursue
Is an expansion of who you are

We expand when we connect to each other and to the cosmos
Seek to connect and expand

Stay out of the story of lack separation struggle and drama
Flip your cellular spin
Weave the plasma threads of your biofield into the world

Life is not a byproduct of chance
And nature is not a serendipitous accident
Arising from complex interactions of physical matter

Consciousness is more than the thinking organ known as the brain
And we did not have our beginnings from some chemical ooze that grew in a primeval ocean

We are not the result of random interactions between atoms and molecules
Which organized into cells and then grew into complex multicellular organisms
And the universe did not come into existence through the arbitrary interactions of inert matter

Reality cannot be understood in mechanistic terms
And quantum reality is holistic

Matter and energy are two different forms of the same thing
Matter is energy vibrating at a low frequency

The underlying field is patterns of quantum potential
The model of protons electrons and quarks is incorrect

They are not like billiard balls in a mini solar system
The particles of atoms are not material

Peer deeply into the subatomic level of matter
And there is only constantly flowing energy
In an interacting energy field

The quantum interconnectivity of all things
Is inscribed in the mystery of our DNA

Its message is that we are the creator
Kindle the divine flame!