Imagination is a great weapon against reality

Let the essence of mindfulness dance through your being
And embrace the fulness of each experience that unfolds before you

Let your inner light shine bright
Have reverence for all that you are
And illuminate a path of self acceptance

When you liberate yourself from fears and uncertainties
A more vibrant reality will knock on your doorstep

When you allow only the thoughts that serve your highest fulfillment to take root
A cascade of opportunity and prosperity will issue forth upon you

Replace the weight of sadness with gladness
When peace intelligence and laughter dance harmoniously in your life
There is no place for gloom

When you radiate self respect and dignity
A symphony of blessings shall accompany your every step
As you walk in the divine grace of abundance

Intimately acknowledge the indomitability of your soul
Emanate reverence for the magnificent being that you are

As you recognize the great value of your thoughts and emotions
A gentle reminder will echo within
Affirming your inherent worthiness

As you recognize the magnificence of your unique creation
And acknowledge the beauty that resides within
Your body will undergo an unparalleled elevation

Your face will glow as it exhibits youthful vigor
And your cells will dance in the revitalized functioning
Of their utmost potential!