We are each in a theatre of our own creation
Continually rewriting the script
And ornamenting the stage with our focus

What you want is only a slight shift in focus away
Which you can make with just a small amount of concentrated effort

Everything you want is already a reality in a parallel universe
By altering your beliefs you will access different dimensions of experience

Parallel universes are just the outcome of different quantum events
Each parallel universe has its own unique history
And has formed different events identities and relationships

A quantum leap is an instantaneous transition from one quantum state to another
Each quantum state is governed by possibilities

As your reality is created in your mind and projected out onto the quantum field
The universe conspires to fulfill your intentions
And the quantum field transmutes the existing reality into your desirable outcome

The world is a reflection of what you perceive it to be
You are not inside the world you perceive
But rather the world that exists according to your interpretation is inside you

Imagine with all your senses what you will experience when you are achieving your desires
Mentally engage in activities aligned with your desired outcomes
Incorporate what you would see feel hear taste and smell

When envisioning your goal infuse yourself with happiness confidence and thankfulness
Emotions that will naturally arise when you accomplish what you desire

As you align your thoughts feelings and actions with the frequency of your wanted outcome
Circumstances and opportunities will then begin to guide you toward your goal

To bring your desires into fulfillment you must engage in both inner and outer action
When you take practical steps in the external world
You are sending a powerful message to the universal consciousness
That you are participating in the process of change

Each step will initiate a positive shift in the underlying energy
And set off a cascade of transformation that reverberates through every facet of your experience!