Natural laws are based on the spiritual energetic matrix we live in

While we travel in this time and space
What we manifest is the result
Of how we interact with spiritual energy

One comes to an understanding of Natural laws and energy
When they realize all life has a divine spark as well as consciousness

Energy has structure and intelligence
It has vibration with specific frequencies

We can mentally apply this
For our personal wellbeing and spiritual growth

Our thoughts influence our inner world and the outer physical world
Our thoughts also have the ability to effect multiple planes
They are the substance that makes our garden grow

Focusing on the positive will direct mental energy
Into the manifestation of a more desired thoughtform

As our thoughts improve our energy centers or chakras are opened
And we can direct these energies
To co create a higher level of existence for ourselves

We will then actualize and embody our inner light source

Our inner spirit will naturally align to and optimize our spiritual mission

When we have integrity in our intentions
We direct conscious energy
To cultivating our connection with higher consciousness
As we conduct energies into the manifestation of our intent

When we live in accordance to natural laws
We naturally express our divine nature

And when we exist as our true selves
We naturally align to divine laws
Then self organize into direct connection with the Source

As we participate more fully in directing our personal power
In alignment with our higher purpose
We recreate as much as possible
The peaceful Edenic state in our personal life!