The future is a battle of ideas
Every thought has drastic impact
Direct your mind and summon the sacred

Plants harvest light
During photosynthesis they multiply the photons
Then they put the light on certain paths

They direct it into chambers by quantum superposition

The currents of data we receive is channeled into the thalamus
Which is 2 egg shaped sensory tracts in the middle of the brain

It is a relay station of primary information
From there it is funneled into the cortex for processing

How we direct incoming light determines the spin state of our cells
Which causes them to vibrate at a certain frequency

We program information into frequencies
And create our consciousness
The sub atomic spin state determines our consciousness

The power of our belief directs photons
What we focus on determines our belief

Our thoughts are frequencies that can be measured
When we vibrate at a high frequency we empower ourselves

Believe in your divinity by focusing on it
Focus on yourself as god manifest
Dwell on your power of creation

The reason the government gives pastors a paycheck
Is because they preach you are a wretch in need of a savior
A pitiful and unfortunate person caught up in sin
With no power to heal yourself

What we really are is divine beings with the ability to project thoughts into reality
By radiating photons of high frequency

We energize the quantum field with our consciousness
When we vibrate high enough we manifest

Low vibrational beings and the elite cannot create
They need humans with emotion to build their reality
So they project what they want into our minds

Human consciousness cocreates reality
Based on what the mind perceives to be real

Have the epiphany of why you are here
To create and exist in a world
Where all life exists in harmony!