You are infinite boundless and timeless
Unfolding in a divine synchronous dance with the cosmos

You possess the greatest treasure imaginable
Which is your sublime indomitable spirit

You are a walking energy field with an aura of endless possibilities
Carrying the indescribable life force of love
That is a gateway to higher realms

The essence of your being and the core of your existence
Dwells in the sanctuary of your heart

You surf the cosmic tide on the vast ocean of your inner being
And hold hands with the mysticism of death
Jumping together into the abyss of eternity

Affirmations and mantras are spells of eternal enchantment
Harmonizing your conscious mind with the reality that transcends the temporal

Doubts are shadows cast by the mind
Like wisps of smoke they dissipate
When exposed to the light of everlasting consciousness

Each step on your path to freedom
You draw closer to your true self

Your real divine self is unwavering and beyond doubt
Embrace your true nature of boundless consciousness
Once you truly grasp your divine essence you become steadfast and unshakable

Your thoughts generate a radiating force
That permeates and intricately interplays with the vibrating universal field of conscious energy

You are the source of life
The witness of existence
And a divine sanctuary

Limitations are released
And the harmonic tones of ascension frequencies
Amplifies all your dimensional expressions of self!