Each universe has its own physics
And its own bylaws that forms its unique expression

You are a fractal moment of consciousness
Which is based on numbers
Codes become sequences of vibrational signals within the consciousness

Vibration will open you up to information which will activate a shift
The more a code is repeated the more it reverberates the more it penetrates

You have to engage the sequence in order to shift
Which you do through potency
You can construct and deconstruct realities with your strong vibrational potency

Thought and imagination is your blueprint to imprint a different reality into the field
Heart gives the emotion which activates the blueprint
When you engage the heart it gives you the sound waves you need to project

Increase your emotion and give a strong signal of the imagery you wish to project
Repeated actions combined with compassion is very potent
They will be revealed as an etheric hologram in the quantum field and then be physically manifested
Reprint and expand you vibration and it will go on and on and on

You are a single fractal unit of God expression
You hold the God power in your hologram and can expand to the collective
By infinitely reprinting into the realities of the infrastructure

If you give your power away to an organization or belief system
You will lose your signal in a future fractal expression

Sound waves are projected from the consciousness
As they reprint they create a momentum
You collapse one reality and make another

Others have their own existence within your hologram
They have their own hologram their own expression and their own expansion
We see the same but in a different way

Your expression will help determine the outcome they imprint

When you incorporate energy philanthropism into your vibrational sequence
You reprint to the next level
And you change the trajectory of the electric signals in your consciousness

Your synapse waveform will print new locational signals
For your individual holographic platform

Your specific octave will create a consciousness within the magnetic field structure
That is based on sequential algorithmic numbers!