Sex is highly creative energy
The sexual center is in direct contact with the 7th density
During sleep our emotional forces transduces sexual energy to obtain a higher octave

The 3rd Eye is activated by the union of the heart and intellectual centers
It is the closing of the circuitry of our magnetized chakras
That run through our vortex

When the neo cortex is turned on high enough
It rewires the brain and establishes connection with higher forces

Trust in your power
Truly believe in your capacity for achievement and watch it transpire

Paint yourself beautiful by the brush strokes of your own thoughts
Accept your own suggestion by capturing the feeling of what it would be like
Yield completely to that assumption

Carry on an inner conversation with people you want to know on the outside
The connection will flow effortlessly and automatically

Dance to the music of your own heart
To give is to receive

When you concentrate in an ideal way on another person
They will show up that way

When you engage others lovingly in imagination
You are doing it to yourself as it plays out accordingly

Loving thoughts get returned to sender
As loving deeds from that person

A word spoken subjectively in quiet confidence
Will awaken a corresponding state in the one of whom it was spoken

Imagine people ideally and they will show up in an ideal way
Change your conception with others and you will experience magic wherever you go

The subconscious transmits ideas from mind to mind through telepathy
We create self imposed illusions of separation

Get into the spirit of mental conversations with others
Give these colloquies the same degree of reality as you would a telephone call

To change your world change your conception of it

Natural flavors on product labels are not natural but synthetic
They contain about a hundred different toxic and addictive chemicals

You are what you eat and think!