Our heart chakra is the synthesizer
Of creator source energy
And feels an emotional expression

Energetic self mastery means being not in agreement
With anything not aligned with integrity

And not being fooled by anything
That is not honest and sincere

People do harmful things because they do not feel loved
And are not at peace within themselves

The Law of Harmonics dictates
That whatever does not resonate with the original blueprint pattern
Either self corrects or collapses

There are 12 harmonic layers in each realm
The coding of our DNA or cellular alphabet
Gets transmitted into the instruction sets of the divine blueprint

These fire letters will determine our future identification
And parallel possibilities in the Eternal Current

Source energy is now coming back into alignment to our time matrix

Our reality perception is shaped by holographic projections from the astral plane

The Eternal Current accumulates within the container of consciousness
And destroys what has been distorted and corrupted

Bring yourself into a state of the heart
Identify with it and not with your ego
You will then know who you are

The life force on our plane is dependent
On the unification of wave forms that need to be in harmony

Do not be afraid of self responsibility

This is all beauty and free of fear

If the heart chakra is removed
Then we function just in a technical environment

We wear the robes of those that came before us
And we build our castles upon the sands of time

We are the seeds of tomorrow

All species are important

And the Greater Light will remove us out of the darkness!