It is a magical elixir
When you raise your frequency harmonious to your desire

To access more stations you have to tune your internal radio frequency to a higher wavelength
Adjust your mental dial to resonate with the insights of the universe
Where solutions flourish abundantly

By doing activities you love you will shift your mental state into a vibrant resonance
The shift is akin to entering a new dimension
Where a symphony of frequencies harmonizes their related notes

It is a dance of vibrations in a cosmic choreography
It is synchronizing your aspirations with the rhythm of the universe
Where a reservoir of guidance flows from a highly profound Intelligence

When challenges arise let your reflection be I am going to win
Rather than I am probably going to lose
The door of success is opened by your choice of thoughts

Anchor your mind in the realm of triumph and victory
Fruitful ideas will flourish with the shiny colors of positivity
And you will master the art of turning opportunities into rewards

When you say to someone It is a beautiful day
Your words resonate with a vibrant tone
Painting your day with optimism and with the joy of being alive

Direct your attention and illuminate your thoughts with achievement and prosperity
You will say goodbye to disempowering attitudes
And you will unlock your potential for a symphony of life that resonates with fulfillment

When you flip your light switch to ON
Triumph takes center stage

Just a glimmer of positive intention will set in motion the delicate notes
That make up the melody of your creative expression

The world is a manifestation of consciousness
Therefore any attempt to change your outer world before you change your inner structure
Is to labor in vain!