The mirrored reflection of the starry night
Holds all the possible manifestations
That are revealed to our conscious mind

A cosmic wake up call is telling us to put away our shadow selves
To awaken our spiritual wholeness

To express virtues in agreement
With our diamond sun DNA templates
Which are in alignment with the natural laws of God

We must go deep and reject the dark artificial content within our psyche
And its influence toward our consciousness slavery

We must get rid of the distortion hidden from our conscious awareness
Through multiple time periods

We must reject the nano tech implants
And the cloned identity attachments of this period

As well as the interference patterns
From the parallel metaverse matrix

We can then commune with the organic nature of the universe

Truth resonates a powerful presence
It transmits intelligence and harmonizes creation
While it announces the divine revelation of God

As we stand in the middle of incredible chaotic forces of insanity
Trying to collapse western civilization
By installing Armageddon programming

We can instruct the perfect morphogenetic field
With our own violet ray pattern

We can emanate divine sound tones
And create sacred songs
With our pure crystalline light

We can produce white wedded robes of glory
That abolish lunar incursions
And the Satanic architecture of the Baphomet mindset

When we cultivate our own spiritual garden
Opalescent circuitry of creational doorways
Runs through dimensional lochs

Bringing us to the God Source
And restoring the divine plan!