We are vibrational beings
In a vibrational universe

We are transmitters sending out signals of who we are
And what is our inner state

We repel discordant frequencies
And attract frequencies of similar vibration

Events and incidents you thought were chance
Were actually not coincidence

Our feelings are projected into the plasma holographic field
And they are manifested back to us in one form or another
The prana or plasma life force mimics our resonance

Put yourself in the belief system
Where you have everything you need

Stay in the potency of the heart structure and of joy
And you will override the reality of not having

When you feel abundancy
What you need will be available at the right time

Consciousness is made of light and sound frequency
Our cells are made of vibrating atoms
Consciousness and vibration go hand in hand

We are like beat up instruments out of tune
But designed to be in harmony

We are out of tune because we are fed a lot of misinformation
Our battery becomes low
And our electrical signal barely resonates

Focus on pleasant frequencies
Cause yourself to feel positive emotions

But make friends with your unpleasant emotions
Let them make their appearance
Give them the microphone

The outer world is a reflection of our inner world
Areas of resistance are where we are holding back

When we let energy circulate through us
Our cells vibrate in harmony

Our battery becomes recharged
Self imposed restrictions disappear

We then build beauty in ourselves
And transmit harmony into the universe!