There are two significant ridge lines extending from the Hawaiian Islands

The north rift goes north of Eureka California
All the way to New York
While the south ridge goes south of Point Conception California
All the way to North Carolina

These are the lines of force
That were used to eliminate the Tartarian civilization in America
In the early 1800’s

The electrostatic build-up created mountain ranges
The Rocky Mountains
The Sierra Nevada
The Wasatch
The Cascades
And The California Coastal Range

Native American tribes in the Northwest witnessed this
And said the Rocky Mountains were created in a few weeks

This is also why the Continental Shelf
North Of Baja is more rugged

The mid 1800’s saw the introduction
Of the round planet earth nonsense
And the fantasies of evolution and dinosaurs

Before replacements were introduced
The Freemasons went to these vanquished areas

There are approximately 6 million Freemasons
And many are part of the cover-up

And now the deception is that under the pretext of health
Using a fake pandemic to set it in motion
A vaccine will be delivered

But it will eliminate the soul
So that one cannot any longer
Rise to spiritual attainment

Or have a conscience

Knowledge will be gained
But it will be by access to the central quantum computer

The brain wave frequency will be much less

In April they want everyone vaccinated

The need for a Health Passport will be ramped up
Neighbors will inquire of their neighbors

Businesses will be mandated
To put a sign in their window
Saying vaccinated only

There will also be a marketing blitz
Of text and phone messages
Computer pop-ups
TV advertisements
And letter mail

Even though there will be a great many more vaxxed than unvaxxed
It is doomed to fail
Clay and iron do not mix

Changed DNA will revert back
In a few generations

The song Cumby Ya means
Ferry me across the sea

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
Symbolizes the crescent ark or crescent
That the god Chiron ferried departed souls across the River Styx

Jews wail or plea for help to be carried across the Sea
Most always it is a request for money

This ancient celestial boat
Was Noahs ark
A revolving reflection of light
Upon the face of Saturn

Divinum Auxilium Maneat Semper Nobiscum
Means Divine help will always be with us

But the ancient gods who were the planets are not in the near sky anymore

We are entering or are now in the Great Tribulation

The spiritual is being played out
In the terrestrial carnal world!