The universe is an interconnecting tapestry of existence
Meticulously woven by threads of intention

The more harmonious your resonance
The more you will exercise the capacities of the universal field

You become a vessel for miracles and a channel for healing
And an attractor of abundance

Source Energy will guide the flow of events into perfect alignment
The right people will appear at the right time

The way we perceive the world will shape what the world becomes
Your mind can transform reality

When you think of the universe as your loyal friend
You will generate exactly that in your experience

A positive intention will maintain your connection to Source Vibration
The liberation of animals trapped in factory farming is a high positive intention

There is a river of plasma energy flowing within you
A stream of pure potential

Allow the waters of high intention to flow freely
Be a guardian of your flow and diligently remove obstructing debris

Be a channel who bridges the gap between the known and the mysterious
Who catches a glimpse of the invisible forces that shape our world

Who sees the deep underlying design of the ethereal realm
Who has aligned with higher frequencies

And who has allowed the symphony of the universe
To harmonize with their desires and intentions!