There are different beings coexisting on earth
Totally alike on the outside
But very unlike on the inside

We are trapped inside a play
Where everyone in authority are actors playing a role

The boundary of our Hollywood movie set
Is the ice walls of Antarctica
Which surrounds us

We are inside an artificial dome
What better way to deceive people is to project stars on the dome
And say they are billions of miles away

Society is increasingly losing itself in the hyper realism of social networks
And the masses are locked in their tunnel vision of their own reality based on conditioning

We are told what to think what to believe what to say and how to act
The vast majority cannot fathom the depths of the deception

The only way to escape the matrix is to question everything you have been taught
And to look beyond the reality you have been given

When you believe a lie
Even if it seems positive and makes you feel good
You are giving away your free will

As we enter the Time of Transition
Falsifications fabrications and disinformation will be revealed
So they can be rectified

This simulation is created to take advantage of the life forms here
To sap our energy and feed off it

We are conscious energy directors at every stage of our existence
We have to discern between the straight narrow and good path that leads to life
And the crooked path that leads to non being

We are organic portals with the potential to activate higher centers
Junk food pornography and vaccines put you in a lower frequency

We are in a deluge of fire
Which is an attempt to ward off the fate
Of the ones not genetically wired to be of universal love and compassion

Each dimension has its own structure of life forms
And the lack of harmony here affects other densities

As the Source Plasma or Holy Spirit approaches with its spiritual implications
The Last Judgement will be upon us

And all will be brought to the light!