We can create our own reality
By the consciousness we carry

The connection of your energy with the energy field
Produces a particular color and vibration
Which then becomes a part of your body

Where you spend your time focus and attention
Weaves the fabric of your dream

If you focus on your lack and deficiencies
You get nothing more than lack
Replace all your limiting thoughts

When you change your beliefs
New neural pathways come into existence

When you hold peace and calmness
You put that out into the environment

Divine intention and unity will connect you to higher energy fields
We are beings that can access multiple planes of reality
Focus on you are god you are sovereign and you are free

When you operate on fear pain addiction or poverty consciousness
When you have grief stricken hallways and dark corridors
You give loosh to the harvest of the demonic

When you focus on a man crucified on a cross
When you view yourself as a helpless sinner
When you promote guilt and shame and the need to be saved
You energize your own enslavement

When you activate your pineal gland
The pine cone that grows upon the tree of life
You counteract dark forces
And write beautiful poetry of quantum construction

Once we understand how our consciousness
Interacts with the energy field
We empower ourselves

Take the cosmic calling
And key code yourself with high intention

Imagine a better reality
Activate it into the physical
And it will be added to the fractalized geometry of our holographic world

The secrets of Atlantis
Are awaiting your discovery!