The Midnight Sun is where the sun makes a tight circle
In the northern hemisphere
It can be seen for 24 straight hours
This could only happen if the sun was small and local

Crepuscular rays are when the suns rays fan out amidst the clouds
This too could only happen if the sun was small and local

The sun is exactly how it appears

If the earth was a spinning globe
Then eastern destination planes
Should have their journeys objective come racing up behind them
And western destination planes should arrive at twice the speed

The tip of the plane should be always pointed down
To prevent the plane from flying off into space

On a globe earth the people on a plane that landed in Australia
Would all be upside down

And halfway around the globe
All the cities would be at 90 degree angles

If the earth was a spinning globe
Then smoke should not drift straight upward
And water should fly off into space

If gravity was real
And it prevented water from flying off
It should also prevent insects from flying up

If the atmosphere rotated with the spin
Then we should be able to see it feel it experience it and measure it

Water does not curve
And does not stick to a spinning ball

Ships do not disappear over the curve
And can be brought back into view with a Polaroid 900 or a telescope

A fish eye lens which curves its optical output
Is used as proof for a globe earth

NASA which only does computer graphic illustrations
And photoshops them with pasted images
Uses that as proof of a round earth

The masses are unable or unwilling to look at NASA with a critical eye
They still believe that the moon landings are real

When we are separated from our true reality
Our natural abilities are suppressed
And we become pawns for exploitation

When we cannot see that we are being lied to on a massive scale
We subject ourselves to the next psy op

Our true nature connects us to the stars

We are multidimensional beings inhabiting the center focal point of the cosmos

When we are unable to pierce through the veil of darkness
We remain in darkness!