We are a holistic living matrix
A fiber optic network that carries voltage
A bio neurological system with an oscillating frequency

That maintains energetic connectivity
Between all body parts simultaneously

We are energy receivers and transmitters
We have a complex network of integrated tissues
In between a variety of proteins
Such as collogen and sulfur molecules

These proteins are intertwined as fibers into triple helixes
That form a liquid crystalline lattice overlay
Throughout the entire body

Water content acts as a hydration system for electrical conduction
Thus our bodies are electrified transmitting electrical signals

We are a semiconductor that sparks protons and electrons
Creating ions that generate plasma light

Our consciousness embodies liquid plasma light

We are a capacitor absorbing energetic current of transmitting celestial plasmas
We are a piezoelectric network receiving energy pulses from the cosmic order

The 7.5 hertz frequency rhythm of the heart
Affects the frequency in the brain
Creating a current loop

This vibration optimizes the secretion and flow
Of various bodily chemicals and fluids
Along the cerebrospinal system
Causing an upgrade in both health and consciousness

Making the body an effective antenna
For the 7.5 hertz frequency of the lower ionosphere

Which makes it a mechanism of heightened intuition
Gleaning information straight from the ether!