We are divine technology

We are electromagnetic beings
That have the ability to access higher dimensions
And merge with the Unity Field

There are multiple layers of dimensions
Which contain aspects of ourselves

Beyond them is Source Energy or the God Field
Our destiny

As we vibrate faster we access the higher fields
And skip forward in time

There are no solar systems
The sun and planets orbit above the stationary earth plane
Each realm has their own sun or suns

There are no galaxies
Stars are small and embedded in the firmament
Not racing away from us at incredible speeds

Stars vibrate energy from the other side
Which we literally connect to
Let the flow of energy go through you

The mechanics of creation used a 12 base pulse current

When we choose a higher expression we hold a higher frequency
Then we can carry the original divine blueprint

Consciousness is energy
We impact dimensional fields
Humans are synthesizers of ET intelligence

Integrity and awareness increase vibration
Your heart puts out more energy than your brain

The embodiment of your spiritual mental emotional and physical aspects
Develops your light body or aura

As your aura grows
Your influence on the environment grows

You attract what you put out
And people will see your light!