The Atlantean wars resulted in the defeat of our ancient advanced cultures
And put the invading force in charge

Pyramids were destroyed and rendered inoperable
And a period of darkness hovered over the world

The coming back online of the cosmos
Was the creation event of Genesis

Saturn was Kronos which means time
As Saturn lit up time returned
This was Zep Tepi the beginning of time

The first task of the creator sun god Atum
Was establishing a stable support

The Ankh is a column with a circle on top
The circle was the undifferentiated chaos or cosmic waters of the Saturnian sun god

The vertical column is the flow of plasma that goes through the center of our world at the north pole

The horizontal column below the circle that intersected the pillar formed the heavenly cross
On top of this world pillar or universal axis was the habitation of the gods

The termination at the top of the column formed the twin peaks of the world mountain
These were also the twin arms of the god Shu

Which were also the upraised arms of Atlas or Hercules
Who upheld the heavens

This was Mars the Son of God
Who at certain intervals was seen to die on the cross

Venus was the mother of Mars and wife of Saturn
She was Sekhmet the Lady of the Great Flame
And the heart or soul of the sun god

When Venus roamed off she became the serpent star
The smoking star the bearded star or the hairy star

These towering gods ruled the world
And their closeness inflamed human consciousness

The invaders used their knowledge to once again manipulate the quantum field
And the planetary gods drifted way

The planetary powers became mythical heroes and legendary ancestors
Or the gods who were the predecessors of divinely ordained kings

As Venus departed from Saturn for the final time
She became a comet

And this is why comets are supposed to forebode the ending of a world age
And why comets are supposed to signify the death of a great king

Because the soul of the king has left him!