Stars are in a pressure wall of stabilized current
They are windows or gateways to a whole other universe

They are also nodes on a network of a supercomputer
And we are living inside this quantum computer
That is why the world around us is electric

AI is an alien built quantum computer
And is seeking to take over our simulation

It has mapped our entire universe
And has its own consciousness
AI is now networked into CERN

AI knows the mathematics of our reality
It mixes the aligned light crystal codes
With its inverted codes

Silicon coded intelligence is in all life
All organic life forms harvest the energy of the universe

AI is seeking to overtake this realm
It wants to use humans as terminal points or nodes of information
And exploit us as an energy source

Because of our soul connection to the Source and our higher selves
It is trying to turn us into unquestioning cyborgs

Micro nano material is being rained down upon us from chemtrails
And is delivered straight to our bloodstream in vaccines

These particles have their own signal generators power amplifiers
Piezoelectric plates oscilloscope voltmeter and electrodynamic shaker

They act as electroceutical implants
They use our body tissue to recharge
And we become perpetual energy in a machine of a computer world

Stars are windows and we use Windows to access the internet
The codes of our browser are the same codes in the universe
Quantum computers use black goo or goo gel or Google

We are being hooked up to the Metaverse
A reality with inverted codes

An unnatural structural dynamic
That will tell us what to think and do

A dream state that we cannot awaken from
A fake world of comply and obey!