Besides Gobekli Tepe there are 28 more individual sites in Turkey
That display circular formations
Each having temple like buildings with slightly different features

Nevah Cori is in SE Anatolia on the Kantar River which is a tributary of the Euphrates
Is now submerged but the circular wall are still distinguishable

Kayona Tepesi is round and channeled with cobbled pavement
And is another smaller version of Gobekli Tepe

Karahan Tepe also has a succession of rounded walls
But has limited archeological excavation

Jericho in Israel has a series of circular exterior walls 12 to 17 feet high
There are ditches surrounding the walls 27 feet wide and 9 feet deep

Jericho like Gobekli Tepe has a sacred tower which is 28 feet high
Possessing a 22 step staircase

It was also destroyed in the same manner
Not by nomads carrying trumpets

The zapped holes in the ground are from lasers
Not the result of climate change

And these sites were not made with picks and hammers

The Great Pyramid was built to promote life
To regenerate and extend life spans
As well as to produce free electrical power

The passageways in the pyramid were flowing streams of life giving energy
This is the reason for the humming sound that emanated from it
And is why the white limestone encasing glowed

The stolen Ark of the Covenant was the lid to the rose granite box in the Kings Chamber
It was the place to lie down and be revitalized

The angel wings carried electrical arcs or archs
They fanned out the plasma
The arch angel Uriel means flame of god

The mythical Thunderbird Phoenix and Falcon
Are all examples of fanned out plasma

The Ark of the Covenant had to be carried on wooden poles
Because wood is not conductive

The pyramids with their interior fire or pyro
Harnessed the inner earth circulation of plasma energy

Just like Gobekli Tepe and Jericho
And other sophisticated structures of antiquity!