As photonic light fields enter our realm
The Earth will regain its charge

Plasma will clear out the ley lines and the etheric passageways
That are earths kundalini

Our inner selves will be recharged
And our eyes will light up

The pineal gland will come on line and conduct light
Allowing our DNA to transform

As the crystals in the pineal gland become charged
They create plasma projections

Recognize the Light of Source is in our whole being
That it is our bioelectrical circuitry

It is important to have fun and truly be yourself
There is a hidden pattern of energy behind consciousness

If you are talking to someone attractive
And your mind is imaging sex
You will attract sex

You experience what you project
You project what you feel

It is a struggle to prevent a drop of frequency
Because just a flash of insecurity from the past
Will put you on a path leading to profound discomfort

But you have to be determined to dig deep
Even when the patterning of underlying emotional wounds get in the way

They are hard to get through
But you have to work on releasing them

As you make it through the wall of chaos
And past the barrier of pain
Your soul will come to the fore and shine

You will no longer wonder around trying to protect your ego
Or feel challenged by the periphery of other peoples emanations

You will feel anchored in your calm center
As you hold on to your strong inner coherent signal!