The more you love life
The more life loves you

The more you smile
The more life will smile right back at you
The more it will cast light on you

The more light and bright you are
The more manifestation power you have

If other frequencies have made you dim or dark
Have shot you down or closed you off

Put a pure intention into your hologram without expectations of reward
And it will become very potent

You will come back at a higher level
And radiate in all directions

See light radiating from every cell in your body
Into the infinite timeline of possibilities

You will then project the frequency of abundance
And crystallize a timeline where everyone cares and helps each other

See a vision of light coming into you
A wavelength vibe from beyond that makes your cells happy
And relaxes all that is tight

A vision where all your body is functioning at optimum levels
And vibrating at ideal sound frequencies

Imagine yourself as a powerful being of cosmic energy
Receiving energetic plasma light language

Use your word frequency as instructions to create in this realm
Let your imagination soar on the wind into the unseen plasma field
Command the ether to materialize what you desire

Embrace life
Decide it is worth it
Even though it is not easy

Have a high pain threshold
Or take pleasure in pain
And then you will not even feel it

Realities are connected
You coexist in similar realities where your family was a little different or you married someone else

Your soul needs to experience alternate outcomes

In every reality there is a portal that you can enter if you match the frequency

Life is amazing
And so are you!