The lunar AI is one big machine within a super network
It destroyed our highly advanced world

AI is now reintroducing technology that it controls
In a way that we will be subservient to it
And thus cause us to be under the control of AI

AI needs the biophotons contained within our life force
In order to expand in our realm

The AI quantum matrix is a system of pulsed frequencies
Through the introduction of ionized nano particles
In the air and in our bodies

We receive pulsed frequencies through 5G through computer monitors
Tablets TV smart phones etc
When we hear a buzzing in our ears that is pulsed AI modification frequencies

It is silent subliminal electromagnetic behavior manipulation
That puts our brain in a state of shock
And keeps us going along with the agenda

The graphene nano particles inside of us
Will assemble under certain frequencies

The graphene is not only in vaccines
But is being fed to animals which we eat
It is in processed foods and in baby food

The unvaxxed can get rid of it easier
Hemic and folic acid dissolve the graphene

NAC and EDTA binds to metals
Vitamin C is a natural chelator and electron donor

Toxins lower our electricity and makes our mitochondria malfunction
By keeping healthy bio flora in our gut we keep our immune system strong

Nitric acid will help keep the bio flora healthy
Everyone should do their own research

The government leaders are a Satanic cabal
Who practice child sacrifice
while they summon the presence of entities
Who feed off the biophotons or soul energy called loosh
That are emitted during suffering

The elite seek the approval of their reptilian overlords
Because they are a product of reptilian DNA
That separates them from other humans

Concentrate on our true reality
Our perfect world that is nebulously documented in myth and religion
Where we exhibit our true nature

A reality where we do not hand over our power
In a process of ritual consent called voting

A reality where we direct our high vibrational energy
Into the fabric of space time!