Humans are used as commodity
For trade in off world trafficking

They are used for genetic experiments and for food
They are used for sex slaves and for pets

The power elite refuses to reveal the existence of extra terrestrials
Because they are implicit in these genocidal crimes

Their Satanic rituals delight in the rape torture and murder of innocent souls
Especially children

The adrenal glands of the victim produces adrenaline
Which migrates through the blood and brain
The consuming of which is highly prized

The adrenal glands which are located right above the kidneys are cut out
To make adrenochrome which gives them an intoxicating high

We need to do all we can to stop the death culture
Which includes the consumption of animals

We need to practice love and kindness
And clear away the negative ego

Every human has the power of co creation
By focusing their consciousness upon cultivating a connection
With a higher consciousness

This transforms our energies
And brings about the manifestation of our intentions

By placing our attention upon a higher specific purpose
It impacts our stations of identity in higher planes

Where we place our attention directs our consciousness energy
Intention transforms that energy

To have quality positive energy intentions
The negative ego must be removed

This will increase the frequency
And manifestation will occur

The most empowering step we can take
Is to develop our heart based relationship with our inner spirit
Then we can connect to our higher self and to the God source
For strength to overcome tis spiritual warfare

When we promote unconditional love it neutralizes negative energy
And heals our fragmented souls

When we stop feeding energy reversals
They are gradually erased and go offline
Because their power source is denied

When we refuse to be triggered into negative emotional states
We are refusing to be manipulated and siphoned

When we expand ourselves we gain access to higher spiritual layers
And stations of identity
Which provide us with a multiple dimensional awareness!