Star blueprints are pure thought conscious memory
They are convergence points of timeline fields
Memory codes within you can move you into stellar transmission

Plasma is stardust and contains codes consisting of photonic light particles
It will activate the DNA and our cosmic memory will come online

When you understand our chemical unity
You will know the Law of One
And your heart will take wings
To a Consciousness that resides at a celestial level

All that is in you is an expression of your reflected experiences
The thought process that we all go through
Is the realization of our multidimensionality

As codes in the DNA replicate the original plasma stardust
We take in an astral level of existence
And return to ourselves our freedom and sovereignty

We were seeded from photonic light memory of a particle star
The first spark of you as an individual soul is an inception point of all that is

Humans are a special creation of 12 DNA strands
That enable us to each the highest levels of consciousness
Epiphanies are downloads of channeled transmissions

Psychic ability heightened intuition and energy healing is from a higher level of conductivity
Those who have these powers are highly sensitive and very compassionate
They see and hear things that others do not

The multiverse is multiple different potentials of holographic emanations
For various expressions of individual consciousness
A nexus point is the gateway of entry or exit of a particular realm

We are a glorious infinite creation
Thoughts of separation from our ego cloud glimpses of the finish line
And bind us to low levels of vibration

Free yourself from what is not real

The world is a movie and you are a star
Act like it!