Everything that comes into your reality is based on previous frequencies
Because you keep reprinting the same codes

Frequencies not only have a resonance but also a code of numbers and specific geometries
You switch them by deeds thoughts and emotions
Synchronicity results from how you are reprinting your emotions and thoughts

You want to convert the negative into the positive
But the vibration needs to be potent to create a new momentum

Imagine others in a positive way
That you understand and care for each other

Hold that vibration
Whatever you feel is what you imprint in your next reality

You project another world which you create from your own consciousness
You create a new imprint in the holographic matrix based on your momentum in the now

This version of you in your current reality is from you tuning into a vibrational sequence
That you brought in from your past reality

If you get stuck in a wavelength loop of unwanted signals
Neutralize them by being thankful
You will then switch the modality to positive
And reflect that into your field

When you are in the now you can create a reality from an infinite number of potentials
You can shift timelines as you wish
Each thought creates a resonance that shifts you to a different timeline

You must understand that it is possible and that you are not limited
Anything is possible in a consciousness with no restrictions

You are the creator
And any thought or emotion you have
Immediately becomes a holographic imprint!