We are inside our own dream trying to understand ourselves

The mineral rich salt and monatomic gold powder used in the mummification process
Made the transition process of the plasma capacitor soul more electrically charged and coherent
An efficient charge distribution needs a high dielectric constant

Stone circles are magnetic crosses
Longitudinal interferometry propagates an array of spark gaps in your brain

Heart harmonics are octaves which cascade through your spinal column
Also known as kundalini flow

Only love bends the light
Only love creates

When you collect frequencies of giving and sharing
You will see an abundant reality

The red brick road in the Wizard of Oz went to the celestial Underworld
The yellow brick road went to the Kingdom of God

Venus was the Goddess of the Crossroads
When the 4 Winds stopped blowing all roads were closed

The Talking Trees throwing their apples
Were plasmoids from the Tree of Life or Axis Mundi floating off their branches

In the electrical wars of the past epoch
Knights in shining protective armor would lose their hearts
Because of the terror they experienced

The Tin Man needed a heart
The Cowardly Lion represents the royalty
Who cowardly start wars but they themselves never fight in them

Poppy fields in the former era grew to such a prodigious height
That just by walking through them you would be exposed to a ridiculous amount of pollen
And fall asleep
Opium is very relaxing

Independence day is the day of celebration
When the comet Venus is no longer a powerful threatening Wicked Witch flying through the air

The moon is a newcomer to our sky
It is artificial and metal

Indwell yourself in nature
Be thankful for everything

By doing so you will train your mind to react positively
Your body will flip an electrical switch

When the Wizard of Oz said
A heart is not judged by how much you love
But how much you are loved by others
Is totally backwards

A heart is judged by how much you love others!