Upgrade your avatar
You are a projection from your higher self

Shape your wave
The frequency of love is 432 hertz

The spiritual context is the vibrational context
You can manifest and amplify a carrier wave with penetration energy of higher harmonics
Your specific energy can resonate with and revitalize the collective human field

Relationships are a reflection of your relationship with yourself
When you love and value yourself you can experience more intimately the essence of someone else
And you will feel a deeper sense of meaning on the inside

Validate yourself
Do not look to others for validation

Our individual energy field is geometrically structured
And our chakras and acupuncture points have different energetic levels

Some are distorted and some are dormant
And some of our nodal points have links which do not function properly

The only thing you take with you at your passing
Is the structure of your energy field

Optimize this incarnation
With crystals herbs oils harmonics and heart centered thoughts
The heart chakra is the balancing and organizing center

Your biggest downfall can become your biggest gift

Be aware of your energy and what you are focusing on
What you concentrate on determines your consciousness

Know that everyone is doing the best they can
At the level of awareness they are at!