The red carpet of entrapment
Is being rolled out to humanity from multiple angles

We have been handed off world infestation on a silver platter

Multinational corporate fronts which have a full scale infiltration
Into the highest chains of government
Have secret deals with non humans

Microchipped Elon Musk has skyrocketed into rock star status
Acting as a tech futurist
Preaching that being hooked up to a central computer
Is the natural evolution for humanity

The symbiosis of mind uploading into a synthetic body
Is happening on a regular basis

Famous people are not who they appear to be
Their body has a new host

Body snatching is becoming easier
Low vibrations are produced
By poisons unnatural food and false beliefs
Making vibrational matches for alien entities

Brain mapping and neural interfaces are used for neural nets
Which are networks of holographic brains
Used to create instruction sets
That project false holograms

Virtual reality games program people
Into becoming psychopathic and violent
As they delve deeper into AI programming
Their mind is manipulated in subspace

Underground military laboratories experiment on abducted humans
On soul transference and mind wiping
So that they can be assimilated into synthetic life forms
To be sold to off world entities as slaves

Humans have been shrunk
And our DNA altered
Our aura fields do not fit into our small shells

But we are still pure energy

We have been demobilized by our thoughts

But at our core we are pure light

And we are Source!