An untruth creates a reverse spin
On your subatomic cellular structure
Slightly weakening the body

When your actions are not aligned with your ethics
Such as when you love animals but still eat them
You become unbalanced and your personality is split

Your consciousness manifests through frequency sound wave forms
Whatever you focus your attention on
That is what you project in your fractal momentum

Your consciousness can hold the frequency of the God field
It is a very specific sound vibration
It is our natural harmonic state

Sound wave frequencies become a projected hologram
They are sequences of running programs interpolated into your field

Your aura rhythm is your magnetic field and your protective shield

When you focus on the negative timeline presented to you
You give your power to the false mirror image of an artificial reality

You become trapped in a prison timeline and stuck in the matrix
Your brain waves are overridden by those sequences of radio wavelengths

People are unaware of their power

Truth has a much more powerful frequency than lies
Your heart knows what is right
Heart based awareness gives you the freedom to be you

When your 5 senses connect
A coded sequence is activated
And expands into ESP

Secret societies pull the masses into lower states of perception
They are psychopathic with split personalities
They want us to focus on labels and manifest a divisive world

When we acquiesce to their manipulation
We give them our power
When humans unite we become powerful

Love and compassion is our connection to all there is
And all that can be and all that will be

Open your heart
And open your connection!