The variation of each individual human genome is vast
So the results of the gene changes from the vaccine will vary
And the effects cannot be mapped out

Many thousand of proteins are produced by our genes

The introduction of synthetic proteins
As well as synthetic RNA
And a synthetic virus
Cannot be calculated

Abnormal proteins are called prions
They will cause normal proteins to fold

When they start to become prevalent
Degenerative neurological conditions will result
Personality and behavior changes will occur
Such as dementia
Where one loses awareness of change

A virus cannot exist outside a cell
So one can only catch a virus from somebody else
Who has full blown symptoms

The virus will be inhaled into the lungs
Lymphocytes or White Blood Cells will attack and kill it

So what good is a vaccine that pervades the bloodstream

The integration of a virus DNA with the host DNA
Produces a chimeric DNA
Which is inheritable

The chemical methyl jasmonate
Is what changes the moth into a caterpillar
At first the moth rejects it
Resisting the change

But when it is overwhelmed
Then it capitulates

We are energy beings capable of anything
The more we believe in ourselves
The more alive we become

We create magic through fantasy
We need to bring magic into our reality

We can project an image
Then solidify it through intent

Focus on a star
Stars are energy
As you put your intent upon it
You will advance it

When you wish upon a star
It will take you very far!