Sound waves are loops of vibrations that have geometrical configurations
The higher the frequency the more complex the geometry

Tuning forks conduct cohesive consistent and coherent frequencies
Each wavelength per second is a hertz

The human body is exquisitely sensitive to sound
Receptor cells on the cellular membrane vibrate like tuning forks

Receptor cells are like antennae
They will read energy fields and change their tune
A positive signal will strengthen the protein charge

Humans animals insects and plants all speak the same language when it comes to sensing vibration

Every cell is bathed in the hearts electromagnetic field
Thus affecting every organ and every system in the body

Emotion is frequency sound
Our words are a vibrational sequence

At the stillness of the zero point between wavelengths you can shift frequencies
By imprinting a new blueprint of your consciousness onto the quantum field

Tuning forks are devices that will help you vibrationally change to a positive frequency
And to spread that vibration onto the field

If you are not consistently in the heart structure you will fluctuate between positive and negative realities
What will manifest is what frequency you give off moment to moment

When you grab frequencies from other holograms and reprint them into your own
You let others determine your vibration casting you further into the matrix

Change the sound wave by producing a sonic manifestation sequence from the heart
Put your genetic predisposition imprint in your hologram

Like a radio signal with sub tonalities
You can layer infinite sub sounds into your unit structure

You can determine your specific location of reality
With your electromagnetic frequency

The heart has a specific code which becomes a symphony
That will change the vibration of your molecular structure

When you understand your body is a vessel of vibrational sequences
And when you learn how to interact with the quantum field

You will be free to experience anything you desire!