Instantaneous manifestation becomes easier
As you exchange through the heart
And override negative frequencies by doing positive

As you are in an uplifting vibrational sequence
Just think about it and it will be there

There is an infinite number of possibilities
Of how something will come to you
Do not question how it will come

The tonality of the chromosomes determine the heart vibration
Your emotion is your energy field

As you project your energy onto the quantum field
It becomes plasma and organizes into a hologram

Merging with similar vibrations of consciousness
Will create a third plasma structure
You are the god particle and you put everyone in it

You project a plasma structure where you are the main character
What story you tell yourself
Is what you will see in your holographic theatre

Underneath all the trauma stress and painful stories
Below the hurt and self limiting beliefs
Is a true tone

It is beautiful harmonious and brilliant
And all that is amazing
We are so much more than what we have been told

We are told we are sinful
A cancer to the earth
And guilty of causing global warming or climate change
We walk around feeling ashamed and not worthy

Look into your soul and see how you illuminate
Health is a tonal vibrational pattern

As we heal we affect our local community
Then our non local community
Brain waves do not stop at the scalp

Much more ambient light is coming in now
There is more potential and opportunity for enlightenment

We are everything
We are one
We are all connected to the light

We are immortality illuminated!