The human body is a tone resonator
For the variation of frequencies
That are transmitted by our earth

Our nerve cell receptors
Pick up the chosen frequencies
That penetrate our auric field and consciousness
At a level we choose

But many of our frequency strings have gone missing
Through genetic manipulation

The current fake covid crisis
Is all about redesigning the DNA

The radio frequency technology of AI is drawing people in
It puts them in a spell by matching their bio resonance
And makes them believe TV actors are telling the truth

The world stage draws the energetic charge out of you
It is using your life force to compound the resonant waves
To feed the dark forces
And keep people in a state of trance

In order to become eternal
One must honor the sovereignty of each and every being

Choosing eternal life means being congruent
With the Eternal Sovereign Law

The more our eternal light shines
The more fear the predator will exhibit!