You can transform your reality by changing your frequency
Switch frequencies by switching belief systems

Your soul is an energetic geometric plasma waveform of frequency
Transform yourself by feeling that everything is beautiful

Do not bring in old negative frequencies into your now
Get out of the negative matrix by giving thanks for everything

An attitude of thankfulness cannot exist with negative frequencies
Negativity cannot resonate with higher vibrations

Think of negative childhood memories as beautiful experiences
And instead of carrying the trauma
You will feel in the now the new positive experience you created

If you feel a negative emotion do not fight it
Or you will carry it on and on

Feel it to the full and then let go
Do not be afraid of it but transform it by giving it a thank you
For showing you where you are in the structure

Know that you are the creator
And you can create any reality you want

When you create a brand new timeline for yourself
You will gradually lose memory of old unwanted happenings
And will no longer carry the vibration of them

What you experience is what you focus on and vibrate with
If your vibration is not high enough you cannot leave the simulation

Humans are an angelic super race
We are immortal and are meant to vibrate positively!