Every reality you experience is a vibration
If you constantly project positive
You will mutate it in a positive way

If you do not forgive 100 percent
You will project negativity into the structure

Stillness opens the portal
And new frequencies create a new timeline

Your consciousness shifts the plasma ether
Into a symphony of infinite tonality

If you struggle with past emotions that continually surface
Go back and make a new scenario

Change the storyline
And imagine a sequence of events where everything went perfect

Concentrate on that version
And the positive vibes will infiltrate and transmute the negative

Hold the vibration that you are god
That you are the ultimate vibration
And everything exists from you

As you project and create
Expand the frequency to the universe
Turn the whole reality to positive

Shut down implanted programs
And free everyone locked up in the 3d matrix

As you raise the lower vibratory levels
Black Magicians will no longer be able to run energy through etheric attachment cords
And exploit people by draining their energy and absorbing it themselves

Every positive probability in your thoughts will manifest
When you combine thoughts with action

Have a creationary mind not a reactionary mind
Know that you can adjust and alter refracted light patterns

Because of the signals you are now putting out
Because of the frequencies you are sending into the cosmos
Your Merkabah chakra will start to vibrate

Your power of compassion will start to become natural
And will elevate outcomes

As the compassionate witness you will resolve reconciliate rehabilitate
And achieve harmony!